Hello?!? Is it me you’re looking for?

Welcome to all the imperfect moms out there!

This blog is to serve a few purposes:  First and foremost a place for me to vent.  LOL.  Second as a place that is real and authentic (way overused word but I’m new at this). Motherhood, Adulting, whatever you want to call it is hard.  Some of my posts will be hilarious.  Others extremely dark.  Some encouraging.  Some may make you want to waller in self-pity with me.  But isn’t that what life is?  It’s happy.  It’s dark. We have days we are encouraged, we have days we don’t know if we can withstand another.  But one thing is for sure….we are not alone.  No matter the struggle, everyone is struggling.  We may have different levels of struggles.  It’s like our weight…it’s all relative.  You know how you thought you were fat in high school and then you look back and are like…damn! I would kill to see that number on the scale again.  Anyway I digress.  I guess I will start with an introduction of myself.


I am a 41 year old woman with a successful career.  I have four children who are seriously the coolest people I know, all in their own way.  I married a man I dated in college after dating for 5 years.  We built a wonderful life (mainly from the outside in) and were married for nearly 16 years.  As you will come to learn (can’t give it all away in the intro) I am divorced although I prefer to call it dissolved from my former spouse.  I am recently engaged to an amazing man.  But let me just say now things are not sunshine and daisies when you are still co-parenting 4 children with someone you continue to find out new details about.  Most of which are shattering my entire identity one day at a time.  I live in a small town where roots run about as deep as the well the rumor wheel runs.  It’s full of interesting people who continue to astound me with their thinking.

Welcome to my journey of motherhood, life, marriage, divorce, and ultimately reality.  I hope you enjoy the ride and appreciate some sarcasm along the way:)

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